What we do

Power Engieneering

We engineer and build Linear energetic structures in small scale applications and also in large scale structures as turnkey solution. Hot water pipelines, steam pipelines and gas networks.

ELTE is focused on the Energy Industry, mainly on production, assembly and reconstruction of natural gas Pressure Reduction Stations, high/middle/low pressure Gas Pipelines, Heat and Cetral Heat Sources, Heat Exchanging Stations of all range power outputs.

The experience gained from various types of constructions and the corresponding mechanical and technical equipment enable us to realize complete turnkey deliveries of constructions, from project documentation, construction works, welding and insulation work, to the execution of all necessary tests, revisions, as well as connection work on existing pipelines systems, including work under gas pressure.


Tubular heat exchangers MAX™ are all made of stainless steel, suitable for use in Central Heat Sources, Power Plants and Food, Chemical, Pharmaceutical or textile industries.

They are mainly intended for central heating systems and for the preparation of domestic hot water, where the flow velocities are sufficiently large for turbulent flow. They can also be used in Heavy Power Generators in the variants water-water, steam-water, steam-fuel oil, steam-oil, natural gas-water, water-air, steam-air, but also for other media. Due to their good resistance to lyes, organic acids, fats, soap solutions and fruit juices, they have proven to be a very advantageous and effective alternative in cooling, heating, evaporation and condensation of refrigerants.

Collectors and Splitters suitable for boiler systems to distribute production steam and hot water to individual customers, residual steam moisture is separated in steam distributors and are therefore equipped with drainage. The length, diameter and number of necks is always made based on the customer’s request.
Hot water boilers production includes reservoirs, large-volume tanks and other components that are used to store water, condensate, demineralized water, beer, milk, wine, etc. We use all types of austenitic, ferritic, heat-resistant, heat-resistant and special duplex steels according to ČSN EN 10088, DIN and AISI are commonly used for the products.

Custom made tanks, bulk tanks and other components. These are used f.e. to store water, condensate, demineralized water, beer, milk, wine, etc. We produce them from all types of austenitic, ferritic, heat-resistant and special duplex steels according to ČSN EN 10088, DIN and AISI are commonly used for the products. Delivery is always with comprehensive production documentation including strength calculation and supplier documentation. We produce tanks with no dimensional restrictions with any surface finish, including thermal insulation.

Lightweight board system (LBS) consists of two independent walls, which are connected by spacers.

The basis of the LBS is maximum safety and health protection for workers moving in excavations or pits. It is a welded steel galvanized frame. With a base plate height of up to 1.80 m, it is possible to carry out any work on utility networks with this arm.
The used system of side boxes makes it possible to combine both types in a simple way, depending on the excavation, using a coupling that connects both boxes. This creates a minimal space between the two boxes. To secure between the two walls of the excavation, the arming boxes can be equipped with a system spacer whose basic dimension is 0.80 m long and can be easily extended to 1.2 m. In cases where the width of the excavation will be larger, these spacers can also be made in a longer version. A movable catch is used as a safety element against the extension of the spacer.


Custom Machining production
We manufacture machine parts according to the customer’s documentation. We do production including all surface treatments (nickel plating, zinc plating, blackening, anodizing, …), including heat treatment (hardening, chemical hardening, nitriding, carbonitriding, …) etc.