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Service activities of company ELTE, s.r.o.

Our company is engaged in service activities since 2003.

Jobs are performed in the area of cleansing spiral heat exchangers and reservoirs, pressure tests, minor repairs of heat exchangers, reservoirs and other stainless products throughout the Czech Republic . Furthermore in the area of thermal systems, gas and electrical systems in Usti nad Labem region.

in case of heat exchange stations, company performs mostly these jobs:

• Regular routine maintenance of machinery and technology equipments of heat exchange stations, mixing stations and boiler stations.
• Pre-season checks of machinery and technology equipments of heat exchange, mixing and boiler stations
• Removing of operational malfunctions and acute accidents
• Supply and installation of materials required for repairs and service works
• Processing of findings reports about defects and condition of technological equipments
• Revisions of pressure, gas and electrical equipments
• Repairs and cleansing of heat exchangers and reservoirs of hot utility water
• Warranty and post-warranty repairs of installed equipments

Cleansing of heat exchangers, reservoirs, minor repairs, pressurization:
We offer renting a replacement heat exchangers, for the duration of cleansing or repairs, for free.

Tel: +420 312 250 233
Tel: +420 312 250 708

E-mail: petr.vavra@elte-cz.com

Technical department:

Tel: +420 312  250 708

E-mail: petr.vavra@elte-cz.com

Servicing of boiler and heat exchange systems, regulation stations:

Tel: +420 475 351 400 - centre
Tel: +420 725 261 406 - machinery
Tel:+420 725 261 403 - machinery
Tel: +420 725 261 428 - construction
Tel: +420 725 261 409 - MaR and electrical

E-mail: elte@elte-cz.com

Operating time:
Mon - Wed: 7.00 - 16.00
Thu:  7.00 - 15.30

ELTE, s.r.o. , Za Válcovnou 465/49 , 400 01 Ústí nad Labem