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Splitters and collectors
•  Suitable for boiler systems to divide production steam and hot water to individual consumers. Splitting of residual moisture in the steam happens in splitters and therefore they are equipped with drainage. Length, diameter and number of outlets are always set according to customers requirements .

Piping and piping components
•  Production of piping and piping components up to 1500mm diameter with possibility of making specific lengths according to requirements of customer or investor, including bends.

Components for sewage treatment plants
•  Production of parts for sewage treatment plants according to requirements of customer or investor e.g. tubes, screens, adapters, sieves etc.

Railings and other decorative products
•  Production of custom made tubes and square railings on the construction. Further any other stainless steel products e.g. rails, pipes, holders etc.

Chimney liners
•  All-stainless steel heat transfer inserts into the chimney above the fireplace, where fumes from the fire place heat the water with forced heating in the shell. Standard tube diameter for the entry is 230 mm .

•  Production of steel pipes intended for extrusion and excavating soil. By default the product is made of steel, maximal diameter is 1500mm and length depends on customer.

Production of atypical parts
•  On demand we will make any parts or components according to customer requirements out of materials stated below.

Material of coats and pipes (stainless steel):
WNr. 1.4541, AISI 321(ČSN 17 248.4) – STANDARD VERSION
WNr. 1.4571, AISI 316Ti(ČSN 17 348) – ON DEMAND
WNr. 1.4404, AISI 316L(ČSN 17 349) – ON DEMAND
ČSN 11.373

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