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Basic orientation of company ELTE, s.r.o. is to be market oriented company, focused on customer service and competitiveness in our field of business.

In this context policy is set in these main goals:
•  Maintain current customers and acquire new ones
•  Know real needs and requirements of our customers
•  Provide high and stable quality of services
I•  ncrease the level of satisfaction of our customers and our care of them
•  Constantly improve efficiency and effectiveness of processes
•  Improve resource management
•  Create competitive advantages and bigger benefits for customers in comparison with the competition

In relation to environment and OHS the company management promises:
•  To meet requirements of valid legislation and other requirements to protect the environment, to which the company has been committed
•  To take care of the environment during building realizations and other activities by prevention and constant improvement of the conditions for environment protection
•  To permanently search for options of reducing power and material consumption, to look for options of material and energy use of produced waste
•  To assess the impact on environment before and during application of new activities
•  To avoid work related accidents, health damages and to make improvements so all employees do not allow any violations in regard to safety legislation etc.
•  To check all of the purchases and newly applied and existing devices from the perspective of the integrated system (in relation to the environment and the protection of health of the employees)

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